Trustees of the WRCT are appointed by the Board of the Rotary Club of Wellington, are all Club members and serve for an initial term of two years, and eligible for re-appointment for further terms.  The WRCT Board comprises seven members appointed for their experience in investing and administering trust funds, and in grant assessment and monitoring.  The Chair holds a permanent position on the Board of the Rotary Club of Wellington and provides an annual report on Trust activities.

Current Trustees

Andrew Austin (Chair)

Andrew_Austin My professional role at Jarden sees me managing the financial assets for a range of clients including charitable and NFP organisations. I therefore became involved as a Trustee so I could lend my experience to the governance oversight of the Trusts investment portfolio.

I am married with two near ‘Tween’ aged girls so have a busy schedule, however I do feel privileged that my Rotary contribution can further the success of the Trust. From 2020 onwards, the Trustees are looking forward to increasing the conversations with members and talking about how the Trust, with your help, can contribute to the wider community.

We welcome your questions.

Rhys Barlow

I practised as a Chartered Accountant for 44 years and was a Partner in BDO, an international audit, tax and accounting firm for 33 years.

I retired from the firm in 2012. I am now a part time financial consultant, holding a number of Board appointments in the Not for Profit sector and serving

on a couple of Charitable Trust Boards. I am a Fellow of the NZ Trustees Association and a Retired Honorary member of CAANZ.

I sense that the Chair approached me to join the WRCT because of our association and mutual interest in a portfolio he was managing on behalf of a NFP organisation I am currently involved with. This was one role I had not been exposed to in my 30 years plus with Rotary so decided to accept the invitation.

Alexandra Hare

Alex has had a career working within environmental impact advice and analysis, public infrastructure delivery and engineering leadership. She is currently Principal Advisor at Te Waihanga - New Zealand’s Infrastructure Commission, and a trustee board member of the Eureka Foundation and the Engineering New Zealand Foundation. 

Alex’s father was a Rotarian in Whanganui and like him, she loves being a part of the rotary community and being involved with initiatives that focus awareness and support to our most vulnerable communities, as well as the depth and breadth of meeting other wonderful people in the Rotary whanau that have a common thread of service. 

Alexandra is working alongside the other trustees to ensure the Rotary Trust continues to grow and support our community and continue to act as a sage and enduring trust upholding the wishes of generous benefactors and donors. 

Gray Hughson (Treasurer)

I was asked to join the Trust because of my role as “treasurer” for the Club.

I retired as a chartered accountant and business advisor in 2017 after some 40 years in private practice and have always had a strong interest in governance and trusteeship.

I am a Fellow of the NZ Trustees Association, and currently serve on several Not for Profit Boards and Trusts.






Kate Mitchell

I was approached about becoming a trustee by a past Chair and was happy to accept the role. During my time as a trustee I have utilised my legal knowledge and worked alongside the some great individuals, to support very worthwhile causes. I enjoy being able to actively contribute in this way.  

I am a lawyer specialising in commercial and property law, alongside advising on trust and governance matters for individuals, not-for-profit organisations and charities. I am a member of the New Zealand Law Society Property Law Section and have been involved in various organisations in governance roles.

When I am not in the office, I am most often found out and about in Wellington with my husband and two young children.


Joan Smith

Joy Tracey

After joining the club and giving my 5 minute speech I was approached as a potential trustee for the Trust having mentioned my CA and governance background. Happy to serve on this ‘committee’.

I am a director and business consultant. As a chartered accountant I worked for, and with, not-for-profit Crown entities, primary sector organisations, commercial manufacturing and service industries.

I’m a Chartered member of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered Fellow of Governance NZ and currently serves on several commercial and not-for-profit boards in community, arts, health and membership organisations.

I am a keen photographer and enjoys walking my dog and the outdoors as a kayaker, day tramper and cyclist.


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