Rotary Forum 2018 - Thursday 23 August

Dare to face the future of Wellington city and our region?

What will it look like in years to come?

Can we imagine it even better than now, as a shining example to the world?

What is needed to make it happen?

This is Rotary Forum 2018: Impossible Dreams for Wellington: city and the region.

‘Impossible Dreams’ follows the highly successful Rotary Forum 2017: Achieving the Impossible Dream for Wellington: the city and the region.



2017 gave a platform to diverse voices – speakers and participants – to share the challenges and some inspirational ideas on the future of Wellington. But it was merely the beginning.

The 2018 theme is a step forward and asks: how do we make our Impossible Dreams come true?

Should you be there to learn and influence it?

Twelve speakers will be let loose to choose their topics. They can be relied upon to detonate powerful ideas and stimulate discussion among 250 of the most engaged and interesting people in Wellington.

The 2018 Forum will again follow the format of the renowned TEDx talks, with short, inspiring speeches. There will be opportunities for participants to give a one-minute pitch and for audience participation, to add to the ferment of ideas.

We anticipate contributions from individuals and groups prior to the Forum; for example feeder groups holding discussions and hosting speaker events, plus video interviews and blog posts from some of the speakers. 

We want all Wellingtonians to become engaged in the Forum, through mainstream media, social media and live streaming of keynote speeches.

Rotary will be held on Thursday 23 August 2018. Soon there will be details on the venue and speakers. 



Presented by the Rotary Club of Wellington in partnership 
with Victoria University of Wellington - Centre for Lifelong Learning.

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