The Rotary Club of Wellington is proud to partner with Rotaract Wellington to develop an exciting mentoring opportunity.

The Rotary/Rotaract Mentoring Programme aims to pair one Rotarian with one Rotaractor to facilitate a bilateral mentoring relationship. The Programme will provide each party with the opportunity to learn from someone who may have a different perspective or experiences from them. For example, the Rotaractor may want some career advice or guidance from a more experienced Rotarian and you may want some up to date tech knowledge about how to tweet, post, or Instagram.

As this Programme is intended to facilitate a closer relationship between Rotary and Rotaract, we encourage you to bring your Rotaract mentee to as many Rotary functions as possible and introduce them to other Rotarians; these could include our weekly meetings, volunteer activities, or social functions.

An application form can be downloaded here .  Please email application forms and/or any questions to Sam Williamson.

How the Programme Works

The purpose of the mentoring programme is for Rotary members to offer coaching, mentoring, and advice to Rotaract members and to build relationships between Rotaract Wellington the Wellington Rotary clubs.

Examples of the kinds of mentoring that may be covered by the programme include: career advice and coaching, CV building and interview help, Rotary or Rotaract project management and further district involvement, and general life advice.

The Rotaractor mentee is also encouraged to be available to assist their Rotary mentor with any Rotary projects that may be occurring at duration of the programme.

Who is Involved?
  • Mentors – All members of the Rotary Club of Wellington are eligible and encouraged to join the mentoring programme as mentors.
  • Mentees – All members of Rotaract Wellington are eligible and encouraged to join the mentoring programme as mentees.
  • Facilitators – The Director of Professional Development at Rotaract Wellington and members of the Youth Committee for the Rotary Club of Wellington are responsible for the oversight and organisation of the mentoring programme.
How does it work?
  • The programme will run as a “buddy up” system which will pair a Rotarian mentor with a Rotaractor mentee over a three-month cycle.
  • At the beginning of each cycle, the Rotaractor will complete an application form and then be matched by the programme facilitators with a Rotarian mentor.
  • During each three-month round, the mentor and their mentee will commit to at least one meet-up per month (minimum of three meetups per cycle).
  • It is expected that each meet-up will be at least one hour in duration. There are no restrictions to the maximum number of meetups, although this will be at the discretion of each mentor/mentee, subject to their availability. Mentors and mentees are also encouraged to communicate outside of the meetups, for example in informal short chats, phone calls, or emails.
  • After each cycle the mentoring programme is finished and the Rotaractor may choose to reapply to the programme and be buddied up with a new mentor.
  • Only one mentor will be allowed for each mentee during each three-month cycle, however previous mentors/mentees may choose to continue to stay in touch outside of the programme.
 House Rules
  • All information provided through the programme, including discussions between the mentors and mentees, will be strictly confidential.
  • Mentors and mentees will be matched by the facilitators to ensure the best fit for both parties and may be influenced by the need for more mentor or mentee applicants. This means that you may not be matched with someone immediately, please be patient.
  • Any issues arising during the programme will be reported to the Director of Professional Development at Rotaract and/or the Youth Committee contact for the Rotary Club of Wellington.





Rotaract-Rotary Mentoring Programme

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