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Monday, 29 July 2019


Professor James Renwick - "Climate Change Emergency, So What?"

Professor James Renwick addressed the Rotary Club of Wellington on 29 July 2019 on the subject: Climate Change Emergency? So what’s so urgent and what do we have to do to stop it?"  James started with a short review of Science 101 on the reasons for large scale climate variability then took us on a historical  journey across millennia of statistics, facts and evidence.   In summary we have to change the carbon dioxide concentrations, parts per million. These have spiked to a concentration that’s the earth hasn’t seen for 3 million years. Unless we start to reduce CO2 emissions now. by mid century the world will be experiencing more extreme temperatures, droughts, fires, floods, winds, storms and extreme weather events, sea level rise, & coastal inundation.


Professor James Renwick at Rotary Club of Wellington - Climate Change Emergency, So What? from Rotary Club of Wellington on YouTube.



Professor James Renwick on Climate Change Emergency

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