How to Play Jumbo Tennis

What is Jumbo Tennis?

Simply Jumbo Tennis is tennis with a jumbo racket! Same size ball and same size court but a racket that is 2-3 times the size. 

Table Tennis rules

Other than an oversized racket the only difference between our tennis and regular tennis are the rules. These are loosely based on table tennis rules. For more details on the rules please see the rule sheet here.

How the Tournament Works

There are 40 teams divided into 16 pools. Each team consists of two pairs which will compete for the title. You play in the round robin to get points for wins and draws.

Result Points
Win by more than 5 points 5
Win by less 1-5 points 4
Draw 2
Loss by 1-5 points 1
Loss by more than 5 points 0


Once the round robin is complete those teams with the most points progress to the elimination rounds. The team with the most points in their pool during the round robin will progress to the Cup Quarter finals, the team with the second most points in their pool will progress to the Plate Quarter finals. From there the elimination continues until we have a Plate winner and a Cup winner.


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