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Paul Holmes Exhibition

Vincents Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Paul Holmes. Paul's colourful paintings and sculptures show an experimental application of paint, and aim to provide a textural experience for people who are blind or have low vision. Paul's work was recently featured on the cover of the Office of the Director of Mental Health's Annual Report.  Keep Reading


Greywacke Love Poems - Raewyn Martyn

An exhibition of new works by Raewyn Martyn that explore the south coast of Wellington. Greywacke Love Poems  have developed through experimentation with mineral pigments, plant-based polymers and photography, Re-positioning Wellington’s South Coast in the city’s urban centre. Keep Reading



Big ideas are cool again. The best place to find them is at Wellington: Creating Tomorrow, a forum inspired by Rotary. The Forum has been run for eight years covering a range of topics from privacy and security to lessons for Wellington from the Christchurch earthquakes. The last two years have been focused on developing a blueprint for the... Keep Reading


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