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Monday, 12 August 2019


Mike Egan at Rotary Club of Wellington

Mike Egan, President of the NZ Restaurants Association spoke to the Rotary Club of Wellington on 12 August 2019.  This is a fascinating and informative address that will be well worth watching.  Mike was able to place the restaurant scene in the world context, with many fascinating examples of changes happening in both contexts.  Changes occurring include: The importance of trust in a restaurant's brand. Food porn! The impact of the obsession of Millenials with taking selfies of their food and their location. Shifting decision-making over restaurant choice. Women and children make most of the 'where shall we eat' decisions and these groups value the 'story' relating to the food.  Property developers pricing to a variety of food businesses to their high rise buildings, rather than pricing them out.  Simplification of menus Technology making inroads into the restaurant business.  Automation, 3D printing and using virtual reality are having an increasing impact on food purchase overseas. Neurogastronomy is tied into rapid changes in this field. When customers order at a screen (as in McDonald's), they order more food, presumably because no one can hear!.


Mike Egan at Rotary Club of Wellington from Rotary Club of Wellington on YouTube.



Mike Egan - President Restaurant Association of New Zealand

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