JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund helps keeps Mana tamariki warm dry and healthy


JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund helps keep Mana tamariki warm dry and health

As part of the bulk-funding model recently adopted, Mana College received a uniform grant for the second year in 2018. This grant is funded by the JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund which is administered in the District 9940 area by the Rotary Club of Wellington.

Trustees Donna Dentice, Denise Church and Grant Uridge work hard to ensure a fair spread of funding throughout areas requiring assistance.  At the end of the year, schools who have received bulk funds are required to send an accountability report to the committee reporting on how the funding was used, and the outcome of receiving the grant. 

It is humbling to see the difference this fund is making within our communities, and this bulk funding model appears to be very successful in delivering the funding to where it is needed. The report from Marion Tuite, Deputy Principal at Mana College is below. 

Donations: Should you wish to contribute to this very valuable fund, donations can be made here through the Wellington Rotary Charitable Trust.  Specify JR McKenzie YEF in the Donation Purpose field. 

Donations are tax deductible. 


Mana College Outcomes Report

In 2018 we have once again been extremely grateful for the generosity of the Trustees in granting us $3000 to assist us in the provision of school uniform for children who are in need.

This has been the second year of our new school uniform roll out; we now have all year 9, 10 and 13 students in the new uniform along with a number in the other cohorts. Our uniform is sold by the supplier through a twice weekly ‘shop’ held at school. In the financial analysis you will see that our purchases have been made through SAS, our main uniform supplier and footwear from The Warehouse and No 1 Shoes.

In 2018, we have supported students and their whanau in the purchase and supply of jackets, blazers, shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, PE uniform, shoes and socks.

Once again, it became apparent that there was a real issue with plain black shoes being provided for students. With the assistance of your funding, we were able to purchase a number of pairs for individual students. We began with a shoe loaning system but this didn’t work as we found the need too great and ended up giving the shoes to students instead. As you can see from the financial statement, I have gone over budget with my last purchases.

As stated last year, the colder, wet middle terms continue to be an issue for whanau when appropriate footwear and robust jackets are absolutely necessary to keep the children warm and healthy.

The roll at Mana is growing and this is a really positive thing for us and our community. However, in 2018 a high number of our whanau remain living in poverty and dysfunction, grappling a range of alarming social problems. In particular, this year our region has seen a significant number of young people battling mental health issues and suicide numbers are at an all-time high. We continue to have too many of our children and whanau involved with the Ministry of Children, Oranga Tamariki.    

We absolutely rely on assistance from grants such as the J R McKenzie Trust; they allow us to ensure that students at risk have the correct uniform and, as a consequence, look and feel like they belong here. Our school vision is ‘Come Curious and Leave Inspired’ but this cannot be realised without our young people being at school every day engaged in learning. Often the academic achievement following on from this may be the first for anyone in the whole whanau. This is an important message and strongly supports our belief that education is the key to our students striving for a better life than the one they currently have.

The reality is, without the generosity of your Trustees, it would be impossible for many of our students to come to school adequately clothed and feeling good about themselves. There are few things more embarrassing for young people than knowing they only own one shirt, therefore it does have to be worn every day and only gets washed at the end of the week. I am always humbled by the gratitude shown by parents when they seek help with uniform; it is never easy to do so and still retain some dignity.

I would like to formally and wholeheartedly thank the Trustees for providing Mana College with the grant of $3,000 this year and acknowledge that this money was used to benefit a great number of our students whom we could not have otherwise assisted.

Marion Tuite

Deputy Principal

December 1, 20018

JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund helps keeps Mana tamariki warm dry and healthy

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