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Monday, 20 May 2019


Korean Ambassador to New Zealand, His Excellency, Mr Seung bae Yeo.

His Excellency Mr Seung-bae Yeo, Korean Ambassador to New Zealand shared Korea's view on developments on and around the Korean Peninsula. Korea has had diplomacy concerns following the North Korea Summit exacerbated by the missile launches and nuclear tests. In discussing these issues he focused on: - How Koreans see the North Korea situation - What the government has done so far - The future The nuclear concerns need to be resolved diplomatically as Seoul is only 35 miles out of the demilitarised zone which is regarded as a risk. The advances made by the US and China in the 90's led to the focus on nuclearisation. The president is a supporter of negotiation and after the Winter Olympics in 2018 some positive steps were taken to improve relationships between the North and South. The recent China / US meetings have raised tensions. Negotiations lifting sanctions for compliance actions provide small gains. Long term these negotiations have been up and down. Korea is working hard to maintain dialogue. They have provided humanitarian aid to the North for pregnant women and children. They are assisting North Korea to negotiate conditions for lifting international sanctions. They continue to support international pressure on North Korea. Korea is continuing to promote a nuclear free and unified Korea.

Korean Ambassador to New Zealand

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