Rotarians and their families world-wide are invited to join the Rotary Club of New Delhi Megapolis, India and Rotary Club of Sanford-Springvale, Maine, USA in their joint Water Conservation project: the construction of a check-dam at the edge of the Thar Desert.


  • Check-dams, once built, require little or no maintenance or recurring costs.  Each year, the Dam will trap monsoon rainwater which otherwise flows away without benefitting the local people. The retained water will trickle down through the Earth’s layers to raise the Groundwater table in this area over the next few months: well in-time to boost crop production over a ten radius from the very next year - and for many decades ahead! 
  • With one Masterstroke, this mega-project will strike at the core of social deprivation to provide: sustainable incomes, sanitation & health and education & equal opportunity. 
  • For Rotarians and their families, this project will provide a unique opportunity to: discover incredible India, connect the world, make a difference, be the inspiration for local communities.
  • Centuries of failed crops had crushed the Will of the local people to participate in projects for the general good of their communities. Since 2010, Rotarians from around the world have joined us on these projects to help the local people for a few days in the construction these dams. Our hands-on participation, as well as the success of these projects, is changing this defeatist perception.
  • Many Rotarians have enjoyed these projects, and the connect with India, so much that they come year after year. Nearly twenty years ago,  when I traveled to India for the very first time to immunize children against polio, I found a part of my soul in Incredible India!  Each year since then, I have led these teams of Rotarians from all over the world for hands-on work on multiple projects in India. We have changed the lives of thousands of villagers. Our Lives, too, have been changed forever - by the warm welcome and rich traditions of the people of India that reveal ancient, abiding, universal Truths.
  • For those with a time constraint, one of the trip options includes only the Project section. For others who would like to explore more of the magic of India, a combination of extension tours is available before and after the project. The extension tours have been carefully crafted to present not only the fabled Art & Architecture of ancient India but also the Living Cultures of India today.

Those who wish to join the project – please email your application before Sep. 15, 2019  to

Note that the Trip Application form is provided on the last two pages of the document here:  Lets_Join_Those_Dam_Rotarians_in_India_-_Feb-_2020  






Join Those Dam Rotarians in India - February 2020!

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