Access to Members Section





Our website is a great resource.  You can find out about past and current projects and events and our associated Trusts and partnerships etc.  Within the website is a member-only section. 

You need to log in to access this area.  Your login is your email address and your initial password will have been sent to you when you first joined.

Once you have logged in, click “MY DASHBOARD” in the blue menu bar. On the right is a selection of items only available to members, which you are encouraged to browse.

Here you can find the Members Directory in which you can find contact details for your fellow members.

It is in this list that you can also change your own directory listing. A very basic one will have been done for you when you joined but you can edit or add information yourself by choosing “Edit My Profile” from the list .

If you  have trouble logging in, refer to your welcome email that was sent when you joined for your login email and password.  If you no longer have that email, try the Forgot Password function (under the login fields).   If you still can’t log in, email Rebecca to change your password to one of your choosing.

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