Being a member of Rotary Club of Wellington means

What can being a Rotary Club of Wellington member mean for you? Throughout the year you can meet fellow club members, hear interesting speakers. Throughout the year you can participate in service projects, fund raise, or just have fun. You take out what you put in. We all learn from each other. There will be somebody in the club who will know the answer to your question, be that leadership, public speaking, running meetings or whatever. Everybody has a question, and many have answers.
Everybody’s life is different. Some are busy at some times of the year, less so at others. For some busyness varies throughout the day. Our club caters to all. Your commitment is what you make of it. We demand nothing. We hope for the best.
Being a club of many people, we do have some guidelines for conduct. Our Code of conduct can be viewed here:Rotary Club of Wellington Code of Conduct

Proposing a New Member

We are always looking for new members to expand our reach. Our club aims to be fully representative of the business and professional life of the city, and our Rotarians share the responsibility of finding people who qualify for membership. If you find someone who is interested in membership, we have a handy flyer here which tells you what you can do.

After Induction

New member may need the assistance of their proposer and seconder to find their feet within the club. Assistance can take the form of introductions to other members and explanations of club routines. The process will be helped through the new member working within a committee. The Administrator is also on hand to answer any questions.

Club Committees

Each member is asked to join at least one committee. You can be on as many committees as you like, but we suggest only one or two to avoid over-committing yourself. If you would like to change the committee you are on, simply contact the appropriate Chairs and advise them of your wishes.

The annual report provides an outline of the more recent activities. The committees and their objectives are listed on this webpage.

Attendance at Rotary Lunches

Attendance at lunches are encouraged but there are many ways to be engaged in club life without attending each and every meeting.  Please do not be deterred from membership if you are not able to attend regular meetings.

Visitors to Our Club

We encourage all members to invite friends, family and colleagues to meetings as our speakers provide interest for a wide range of people and it is a good way for Rotary to reach a wider audience. We have very few events that are strictly members only and we welcome the opportunity to share our club with others.

Leaving Early

If a member cannot stay for the whole of a lunch meeting, apologies to the President before the meeting commences are appropriate.

Apologies and Absences

We encourage members to advise the administrator if lunch meetings are not going to be attended. This can be done by email or using the Apology button on the member-only section of the website. We do like to know if you will be out of Wellington for more than three weeks as we can then try to manage communications appropriately if needed.

Club Duties

Members may be assigned duties at meetings including introducing the speaker, acting as a greeter or performing the sergeant duties.  If you are unable to do this, we ask that you try to find a substitute. 

The roster for the coming few weeks is published in the weekly newsletter and the longer-term duty-roster is located here

We occasionally have members who are uncomfortable undertaking some of the presenting roles (sergeant, five-minute speaker, introducer and thanker). If this is the case for you, please advise the Administrator.

Five Minute Talks

A member may be asked to give a five minute talk about themselves one lunchtime. This gives the member a chance to talk about their vocation, or perhaps about some recent development in it, or about their career. People welcome the opportunity to learn more about member's lives and interests. Sometimes the five-minute talk slot will be used by club leaders to explain important developments in the club's activities.

Member Information

This website has a member only area. The member area includes comprehensive details about the activities of the club and the contact details of all members. It is password protected and is only available to current members of the club.











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