Being a member of Rotary Club of Wellington means

  • That I will comply with the Rotary Club of Wellington Code of Conduct
  • That when given a duty I will do it unless I cannot, and if so I will find a substitute
  • That I will attend the lunch and committee meetings
  • That I will make an apology (online, by email or by phone) whenever I cannot attend (for unexpected absence from lunch meetings you may apologise up to Monday 5pm)
  • That I will write to apply for leave if absent from Wellington for more than four consecutive Mondays
  • That I will “make-up” attendance at a regular meeting of any other club.New Members

Every Rotarian shares the responsibility for seeking people qualified for unfilled classifications. The club should include a full representation of the business and professional life of the city. A prospective member must be personally and actively engaged in the business or profession and should preferably be in business or in residence within the Wellington city area.

Proposing a New Member

A member should contact a member of the Membership Committee to propose someone for membership, providing details on the background of the prospective member in confidence and without reference to the potential member.

The Membership Committee and the Board consider the information on the prospective member to see if there are any barriers to membership; if not, the Chair responds by asking the member to complete the Membership Proposal Form as proposer (which includes having another member second the proposal) and return it with a CV and a photo to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee then meets with the prospective member for a briefing session to confirm suitability for membership. A formal recommendation for membership is then made to the Board.

Once the Board has approved the membership, arrangements will be made to formally induct the new member into the Club. Induction of a new member is a formal process of acceptance by the Club and is an important first step in welcoming a new member into the Rotary movement and all it stands for.

After Induction

Any new member will need the assistance of their proposer and seconder to ease their integration into the life of the club for the first months of membership. Assistance can take the form of introductions to other members and explanations of club routines. The process will be helped through the new member working with the committee the new member has been assigned to.

Club Committees

Each member is appointed to at least one committee. Appointments usually change every second year, so members quickly obtain a wide experience of club activities. The annual report provides an outline of the more recent activities. The committees and their objectives are listed on this website.

Attendance at Rotary Lunches

The central focal point of the life of Rotary Club of Wellington is the Monday lunch, where members develop and share their Rotary experience. Membership is likely to be terminated if a member, without the consent of the Board, fails to attend or make-up at least 60% of the regular meetings in any six month period.


A member is encouraged to make-up any missed meeting by attending another Rotary club within 14 days before or after the missed meeting. In the Wellington city area, five other Rotary clubs meet at lunchtime from Tuesday to Friday, two clubs meet in the evening and one at breakfast time. A number of suburban clubs meet in the evening. Other clubs enjoy participation of make-ups from members of other clubs.

A list of all other New Zealand clubs (around 240 including the Pacific Islands) with their meeting places and times, is available on this website.

The Rotary lapel badge entitles a member to attend any meetings of the 33,000 clubs throughout the world. Usually wearing the Rotary badge is sufficient, but some northern hemisphere clubs may ask to see a member's credentials. An ID card is available from the Secretary.

Leaving Early

If a member cannot stay for the whole of a lunch meeting, apologies to the President before the meeting commences are appropriate.


If a member cannot attend a meeting, an apology is necessary on every occasion. This should be made through the Secretary. The apology is a member's personal commitment that they would have preferred to have been present had it been possible. It is not an empty formality for any member who values Rotary membership.

Absence through Sickness or Travel

For lengthy absences of more than four Mondays, leave of absence is applied for by writing to the President. Approval of the Board is required. It is a long standing custom of the club for members to make a contribution to the Sergeant’s Sunshine Fund when applying for leave of absence.

Club Duties

Members are urged to watch for their name in the duty list in the Member area of this website. It is necessary to arrange for a substitute if a member cannot do a duty. If on leave, the member should ask someone to cover for them in case their name is listed in their absence.

Five Minute Talks

A member may be asked to give a five minute talk about themselves one lunchtime. This gives the member a chance to talk about their vocation, or perhaps about some recent development in it, or about their career. People welcome the opportunity to learn more about member's lives and interests. But – keep to time and keep it short! Sometimes the five minute talk slot will be used by club leaders to explain important developments in the club's activities.

Member Information

This website has a member only area. The member area includes comprehensive details about the activities of the club and the contact details of all members. It is password protected and is only available to current members of the club.


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