The Passing of Bob McCay


Long serving, Rotary Club of Wellington member Bob McCay passed away on 19 July 2016.

Bob was a member of RCW from 1981, serving as President in the 1996-1997 year.

He retired from Rotary in June 2014. Many members attended Bob's funeral held at St Johns Willis St to honour a gentle man and an exemplary Rotarian.

Bob's widow, Pat McCay, sent a letter of thanks to Mark Wheeler, current RCW President:

" Dear Mr Wheeler,
Last week our family was moved, to receive the beautiful bouquet which you sent us.
We do appreciate your marking Bob’s death. During his working years in BNZ, he always felt he made little contribution to the club although he valued his membership greatly. In retirement, he sought to remedy that, and to be a fully committed member. He valued the fellowship he found in Rotary, and the contribution Rotary makes to the wellbeing of others, both at home and far afield. That fitted Bob’s personal ethic. However he valued greatly all the friends he made through Rotary and received far more than ever he gave.
I was so grateful to so many Rotarians whom I saw, who honoured Bob by coming to his funeral.
Please pass on to all, the heartfelt thanks of the McCay family. The flowers are cheering me as I write.

Yours sincerely
Pat McCay"

The Passing of Bob McCay

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