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Monday, 27 July 2020


Bryce Edwards - Political Commentator on "How Healthy is New Zealand's Democracy?"


Bryce Edwards - political commentator on "How healthy is New Zealand's democracy in 2020?" at RCW from Rotary Club of Wellington on YouTube.

Bryce Edwards, political commentator speaks to the Rotary Club of Wellington on 27 July 2020 at the Wellington Club. We need a 'better class of scandal'! was the plea from Bryce's thought-provoking talk, Bryce focused on the state of democracy in NZ, outlining some major issues. He believes that the political parties are 'unanchored' in society, because both party membership and voter turnout are low. There's also been a big increase in 'career politicians' - people who have only been politicians or worked in closely related jobs. These people are are more middle-class (even if more diverse in other ways). The 'unanchoring' leads to less ideology and more emphasis on personality. Throwing dirt about MPs personal scandal has become much more common. A 'better class of scandal' would be focused on aspects such as corruption and misuse of taxpayers' money, rather than on politicians' private lives.

Bryce Edwards on How healthy is New Zealands democracy

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