Leading Positive Social Change

The Rotary Club of Wellington has been Leading Positive Social Change for nearly 100 years. The Club has helped deliver many 'Impossible Dreams': Karitane (for children), CCS, Refugee Trauma Recovery and Skilled Migrants (for inclusiveness and the disadvantaged), Eureka (young talent), Forest in the Heart of Wellington ( carbon sink/climate change, ecological sustainability), Rotary Forums (leading thinking on public issues and innovation).

So what is the next big idea for our Club as Leaders of Positive Social Change?

The Strategic Social Issues Group has rigorously sifted through many possible ideas, and selected three that come out of the 2017 Rotary Forum "Impossible Dreams", to share with you:

• Improving life chances for vulnerable boys growing up with material hardship, by helping them navigate their path to educational and life success.
• Opportunities to make Wellington a city of "true inclusion" where nobody is left out, though a network of volunteers to 'befriend' and support those who are lonely.
• Climate change: what changes can we make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change - personally and as the Rotary Club of Wellington?

You can learn more about these ideas by reading a one-page summary of each below.

We want to share these ideas with you, and hear your views from your wisdom, creativity and experience. The feedback from members will help inform advice to the Board on the next positive social change leadership challenges for the Club.

'Eat My Lunch' on Monday 19 March at St Andrews on the Terrace will be a session led by the Leaders of Positive Social Change: Strategic Social issues Group. The session will include interactive discussion at tables, and a chance to have your say on the next positive social change leadership challenges for the Club. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Improving Life Chances for Vulnerable Boys

A City of True Inclusion

Climate Change



Leading Positive Social Change

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