The Forum - Dream Implementation Plan

The 'Impossible Dreams' below are exciting opportunities to deliver on the challenge of the Forum: "What would it take to make Wellington: the city and region, the best in the world?" 

To implement these dreams will require collaborative action involving councils, iwi, government agencies, business, and community organisations. The Rotary Club of Wellington would not want to duplicate or undermine existing projects or processes, but could provide a facilitating role to bring parties together to help implement the 'Impossible Dreams'.

Would you like to be part of the Rotary leadership in implementing these ‘impossible dreams’?  We look forward to hearing from you if you are prepared to 'put your hand up' for 'Dream Implementation'.

To talk about this contact us here, or talk to any member of the RCW Forums Committee – Roger Blakeley, Helen Algar, Tony Hassed, Mark Woodard, Mark Wheeler, Fraser Carson and John Cook – or phone Roger on 021 229 6928.

You can download a powerpoint presentation of the below information here.

Theme 1: Collaboration with Public Service on Challenges for Wellington

Lead: Helen Algar

Eradicate Homelessness

No unemployment

Vulnerable people don’t have to turn somersaults to get support

Wgtn: test-bed for innovative collective impact public service initiatives



Theme 2: Creative Wellington

Lead: Tony Hassed

‘Creative Welly’

Embrace technology and innovation as enablers for social, cultural and economic reform

Wellington is magnet for the planet’s creative talent




Theme 3: Biculturalism and Diversity

Leads: Karen Coutts and Roger Blakeley (TBC)

Wellington is Te Reo Capital of New Zealand

More visible recognition of iwi/Maori as first settlers of Wellington

Wellington has world’s best ethically aware, socially conscious consumers of fashion




Theme 4: Social Wellbeing

Lead: Rotary Club of Wellington Community Services Committee (TBC)

We can all positively answer: “Who did you help today?”

Wellington will be the ‘opposite of loneliness





Theme 5: Environment , Planning and Urban Design

Lead: Roger Blakeley

Embrace weather: more indoor/outdoor spaces

Greener, ‘hairy’ city

Safe place for children

Most accessible little capital in the world

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Congestion-free Wellington

Thriving wildlife


Theme 6: Youth

Lead: TBC

Student-friendly Wellington, with affordable public transport and housing

A city of opportunity for the young (in a world dominated by the self-interest of the old)





Theme 7: Philanthropic Funding

Lead: TBC

A bigger pot of philanthropic funding to super-charge implementing these ‘Impossible Dreams’

The Forum - Dream Implementation


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