Ruth McDavitt, CEO Summer of Biz

At the Rotary Club of Wellington meeting on 14 August 2017, Ruth McDavitt asked, ‘What work will your grandkids be doing?’ With the impact of technology expected to be 3,000 times as great as that of the Industrial Revolution, our grandchildren’s world of work will certainly be very different to that which previous generations experienced.

 With this in mind, Ruth pointed out four important changes we can expect:

 People will need to keep learning throughout their lives, so today’s children need to learn how to learn

- There will be a gig economy, with freelance and contract work being a far more common form of employment

- Any work that currently requires learning by rote will be automated with resulting impacts on education and relevant job skills

- People with disabilities will be able to work much more easily because technology will enable them to get around their disability

Ruth highlighted some important challenges for New Zealand, including  the low number of women and Pasifika going into IT. You can watch Ruth’s presentation here 

Ruth McDavitt 14 August 2017

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