Jumbo Tennis Licensing

How you can get to run a tournament of your very own

How do you set up a Jumbo Tennis Event?

Simple! Just follow the RCW Jumbo Tennis system. RCW provides you with everything you require to run your own Jumbo Tennis Event including:

  • The racquets
  • A full operations manual including:
    • Rules and instructions
    • How to promote an event
    • How to plan an event
    • How to run the day
    • How to engage club members
    • How to attract sponsors and teams
  • Advertising and marketing templates
  • A budget and return calculator
  • A promotional website for your event which you can edit yourselves
  • Draw templates – we are organising software to do this
  • A remote help desk of RCW Rotarians to guide and support you

Benefits of running a Jumbo Tennis Event

  • It has the something different factor required to attract sponsors and supporters. There is nothing else like it in the country!
  • It is exclusively available to Rotary Clubs in New Zealand.
  • It is trademarked in New Zealand - no one else can copy it and dilute its impact.
  • It is fun! People enjoy preparing, running and participating in the event. Fun events easily attract support by way of participation and sponsorship.
  • There is a blueprint for success. Jumbo Tennis has been run several times by RCW. A comprehensive system to follow to emulate the success of RCW is included in this manual. You don’t need to create something from scratch.
  • Significant returns. Although not guaranteed, Jumbo Tennis has been a winner in terms of generating significant returns to be used for charitable endeavours.
  • Support - You get the benefits of a proven, comprehensive system, including templates and instructions, as well as a remote help desk of Rotarians who have previously run the event.
  • It is easy - you simply follow the guidelines to run your own event.

What does it cost and what could the return be?

The below table shows the approximate income and expenses that each Jumbo Tennis event held by Rotary Club of Wellington has experienced.

Year Income Expenses Profit
2013 $30,000 $11,000 $19,000
2014 $32,000 $4,000 $28,000
2015 $32,000 $6,500 $25,500
2016 $32,000 $5,000 $27,000
2017 $30,000 $6,000 $24,000
2018 $35,500 $7,000 $28,500
2019 $36,500 $8,000 $28,500

Jumbo Tennis License Details

The Jumbo Tennis license System must only ever be used for fund raising and charitable endeavours. 

Under no circumstance is it to be run as a private or commercial enterprise.


A Jumbo Tennis Licence holder is granted a licence to:

  • Use the Jumbo Tennis racquets owned by the Rotary Club of Wellington
  • Run and promote a Jumbo Tennis tournament in accordance with these instructions
  • Use the Jumbo Tennis brand

Licence Fee

The licence fee depends on how many people are in your Rotary Club. The structure is as follows

Number of club members

Number of club members

Less than 25


More than 50

Licence fee




Who is this payable to?

Rotary Club of Wellington who will issue an invoice.

When does it need to be paid?

  • A 20% deposit is payable upon reserving racquets
  • The remaining fee is due one week prior to the event

What does the licence entitle you to?

  • The use of Jumbo Tennis Racquets.
  • A licence to run and promote the tournament
  • A licence to use the Jumbo Tennis brand
  • The LIcence Instruction Manual and templates
  • Helpdesk support from Rotary Club of Wellington

Are there any other costs?

Yes. In addition to the licence fee you are responsible for paying:

  • Any freight required to get equipment to you
  • Any charges required to get documentation to you
  • All promotional and running costs for your event

What will Rotary Club of Wellington provide?

  • The licence operations manual, templates and spreadsheets
  • Guidance and support
  • Sample promotional material
  • Jumbo Tennis Racquets
  • Jumbo Tennis Rules

What Rotary Club of Wellington won’t provide

  • People to set up, prepare and run the event
  • Tennis balls
  • Sponsors
  • Any form of guarantee

What You Must Do

  • Run and promote the tournament in accordance with these instructions and the Licence Agreement
  • Pay the necessary licence fees to the Licensor (Rotary Club of Wellington)
  • Pay for the replacement of any racquets damaged in the tournament. As at 2015 replacement value is $450.
  • Pay for the cost of transportation from Wellington to your venue and return.

What You Must Not Do

  • Run a Jumbo Tennis Tournament as a private enterprise
  • Sub licence or on-sell the licence
  • Copy this instruction and systems manual
  • Run a Jumbo Tennis Tournament without the express permission in writing from The Rotary Club of Wellington
  • Run a Jumbo Tennis Tournament without having signed the Licence Agreement

For further information contact us at secretary@rcw.org.nz

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