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Monday, 22 June 2020


Joshua Tabor, Chief Executive of SCOUTS New Zealand - Josh says if you can create change in a large, devolved, voluntary organisation, such as Scouting NZ, You can create change anywhere. Scouting traditionally has been largely male, Pakeha, and middle class. This does not reflect NZ society and the goal is to attract more females, as well as Asian, Maori and Pacifika young people. Scouting NZ is targeting more money at scout groups in poorer areas and, to keep the ambiance of scouting modern they are creating a new curriculum.  The learning style is less leader-led and topics include aspects such as sustainable development, equity and peace.  



Joshua Tabor, Chief Executive of SCOUTS New Zealand at Rotary Club of Wellington from Rotary Club of Wellington on YouTube.



Joshua Tabor of SCOUTS NZ

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