John Ilott Charitable Trust

Accountability Requirements

Successful grants must be accounted for by 31 July the year following the grant.  If this is not possible, an extension should be requested from the Administrator. A grant must be accounted for before any further applications can be considered therefore applicants are encouraged to ensure funding being applied for can be used in a timely manner.

The accountability requirements are not onerous however we do ask that applicants use the official  Accountability Report template and include proof of the spending in the form of receipts, payslips, bank statements etc. Keeping the accountability to just the report template and three or four pages of supporting documents will save you valuable time in collating the report, and us in processing it. It is not necessary to include a set of accounts.

It is acceptable to email accountability reports as one pdf file. We cannot accept reports as multiple files or in other formats.  Please post your accountability report if you are not able to meet these requirements. 

Failure to account for a grant will likely result in any further applications being declined.

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