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Inclusive Rotary

The Rotary Club of Wellington, New Zealand’s oldest and biggest Rotary Club, has more than 40 women members, over a third of current membership and a rising proportion of newer members who simply expect that Rotary reflects the more gender-balanced work and social environment of today, and that it would be remarkable – and unacceptable to them – if it was not.

Our experience is that gender balance increases the scope of our community engagement, the types of activity and issues we consider and undertake, and the ideas that all members – men and women – bring forward. The Rotary Club of Wellington is focused on our future, being a leader of positive social change.

Three of our female members, Kerry Prendergast, Dame Beverley Wakem and Colleen Singleton talk about Rotary in their interviews with our past Communications Interns.

Three female RCW members were recently recognised for their achievements with Paul Harris Fellowships. More can be read from the links below and this article.

Helen Algar, Joan Smith, and Susan Satyanand 



Inclusive Rotary

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