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Welcome to the action end of our club. Here’s where fellowship and service above self really happen in our Rotary club. Take a look at the range of committees and projects below, think about what you’d enjoy doing and where your skills might best apply, then let us know what interests you.
Our committees work on a wide range of activities, with the bigger committees being separated into project groups. Your involvement in one or more activities is welcome.
One of the attractions of Rotary is that you get to choose the community activities which appeal to you. These activities are the best way to get to know others and where you form new friendships, and the large size of our club means we have a very interesting range of activities going on at any one time.
If you have suggestions for other things we could be doing, we’re keen to listen.

Mark Wheeler, President

Communications Committee

Primary Contact: Susan Satyanand

The Communications Committee is responsible for managing the club website as the primary tool for communication with members. The website hosts the online database of member profiles, the weekly newsletter, and a continuous historical record of what the club does year in and year out. The website is also a primary tool for the work of all committees as they reach out into the community.
In addition the committee prepares news content and the majority of other content for the website, distributes the club newsletter to other Rotary clubs in District 9940, and ensures the club’s Facebook page is up to date. The committee initiated the club’s mobile app, online event registration and financial transaction modules, and manages the day-to-day relationship with the club’s web hosting service. Members of the committee also assist and teach other club members how to resolve problems they may have with their computers or the internet. If you would like to help this key aspect of our communication, or if you have any suggestions, get in touch.

Community Service Committee

Primary Contact: Karen Coutts

With our goal being to make a real difference to the community through the initiatives we support, the club’s Community Services Committee identifies and facilitates projects for us all to contribute to through our time, our club funds and personal donations.

There are two main project areas the committee focuses on: Wellington’s homeless community, and Supporting Employers to employ people with disabilities. We create relationships with those working in these areas in Wellington; bring them in as speakers to the club, and work to find a niche area that the networks and skills of club members could contribute to these areas.

We also help the club provide annual grants via two trusts with a view to get best bang for the buck. Our job is to visit some of the groups that may be beneficiaries of the grants and recommend back to the Board and Foundation which groups may be the best to support.

We also help coordinate club members to be volunteers for the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand annual blood pressure awareness campaign which is supported by Rotary at a national level and encourage club members to support other charities in their annual campaigns.

Being able to give back to our local community is something close to the heart of everyone in our club. If you would like to get involved and make a difference for our local community we would love to hear from you.

Fellowship Committee

Primary Contact: Geoff Eades

Also known as The Fun Committee, we organise a range of enjoyable social events for members and their families which help us get to know each other better. Focusing on friendship, the programme may include movie evenings, golf, a Melbourne Cup event, billiards evenings, wine options evenings, mystery dinners, drama and theatre, the President’s Dinner, brunches, walks and Thirsty Third Thursdays. Most events require registration through the website, by email or at the Monday lunch.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: John Boshier

By getting people to contribute their ideas and energy to projects which are both enjoyable and raise money, this committee helps the club achieve our goals. As well as ongoing activities such as the weekly Sergeant sessions, there are major events which occur once a year, of which the most successful at present being Jumbo Tennis, a high profile and profitable event which will continue into the future.
The committee has devised guidelines for our operation with a funds target, and a reporting template which will be used throughout the year. Our intention is to make this committee fun and productive, giving members a real sense of achievement. Would you be interested in joining this committee?

International Committee

Chair: Laurie Wilson

As part of our commitment to service above self, the club’s International Committee partners with other Rotary clubs in New Zealand and overseas to help improve the lives of communities in developing countries. We focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the Pacific where New Zealand has special responsibilities. Our aim is to make a difference through well-designed and targeted projects using the skills of our members, and the funds we raise which are supplemented, where appropriate, by Rotary International and our fellow clubs.
Our priorities for 2016/17 are to focus on two areas – firstly, the continuing provision of Emergency Response Kits (ERK’s) in response to disasters in the South Pacific and second, to seek water projects in the Pacific involving the use of Sky Hydrants. This is an exciting new technology and affordable piece of equipment which can provide drinkable water in humanitarian and disaster aid situations. The International Committee aims to identify these sorts of aid projects in the Pacific and to raise money through fund-raising and working with other Rotary Clubs to bring the projects to fruition. If you want to make a difference to lives in the developing countries of the Pacific, this committee is for you.

Membership Committee

Primary Contact: Martin Matthews
A strong, active and diverse membership is at the heart of the club’s success in being an influence for good in Wellington. This committee is responsible for facilitating the recruitment of appropriate new members into the club, monitoring and encouraging active engagement of existing members, and helping ensure all new members become active and engaged as quickly as possible.
We have set targets for the future size and diversity of the club, aiming to grow the membership of the club by about 80 to 221 by 2021, the year of our centenary.

Projects Committee

Chair: James Austin
The projects committee oversees and coordinates the club’s major projects, that is those which have moved beyond their respective parent committees to become a (sub-) committee of their own. These are currently EUREKA!, the Forum, Jumbo Tennis, Tree Planting and the Centennial Committee.
The committee also arbitrates (if necessary) between the claims the respective projects make on club resources. The committee works within the club’s strategy to determine future projects and the future direction of projects.

Strategic Committee

Primary Contact: Peter Cornish
The Strategic Committee facilitates the development and ongoing optimisation of the club’s strategic intent and direction through the creation and maintenance of a strategic plan. When directed to do so by the President, we help the club’s other committees align their activities to the strategic intent, and better document and improve our processes to ensure the club remains strong and healthy.
If you have an interest in strategic execution and/or an interest in improving processes and contributing to the strength of our club, you may wish to consider joining this committee.

Vocational Service Committee

Primary Contact: Andrew Miller
This committee enables members to apply the expertise from their vocations, or callings, in support of community initiatives through funds, expertise and the ability to influence decision makers in business and government. This year’s challenge is to harness our diverse skills to assist social enterprises which seek to provide social services using business-like methods to generate sources of income.
The committee works alongside the Akina Foundation and recently hosted the second annual Rotary Club of Wellington Akina Social Enterprise Awards, awarding $10K to the most promising venture. A big project the committee is working on aims to create the equivalent of an angel investment fund, where the returns are innovative ways of serving the Wellington community.
The committee has also established support for migrants to gain work that is related to their qualifications and created the annual Rotary Forum and visits are organised to members’ workplaces to foster understanding of the diverse skills within the club.

Youth Committee

Primary Contact: Tracy Brown
How does Rotary obtain a member of 120 years of age? By getting the youngest generation involved in Rotary now. They are the future of our clubs and the Youth Committee is tasked with helping them travel, study, turning them into leaders and linking our clubs together internationally. We do this through scholarships, leadership programmes and international exchanges. Can you help?

Major projects


Primary Contact: Francis Wevers
The purpose of the Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! awards programme is to identify and foster young leaders who, through their knowledge of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, their entrepreneurial vision, and their persuasive communication skills, will bring about the New Zealand foreseen by Sir Paul Callaghan: “the most beautiful, stimulating and exciting place in the world in which to live.”
Regional organising committees based on Rotary clubs are responsible for organising regional workshops and preliminary competitions. This committee organises the national finals in Wellington each October. $28,000 worth of prizes and scholarships were available in 2014. More information is available at


Primary Contacts: Mark Woodard  or Tony Hassed
Envisioned as a community benefit activity rather than a fundraiser, Rotary Forum leverages off the club’s extensive networks and expertise to stimulate debate on important local issues. The five we have held have been highly successful: 2011 looked at lessons from the Christchurch earthquake for Wellington, 2012 covered the local government debate and options for Wellington, in 2013 we addressed the constitutional question, in 2015 we examined NGO leadership and 2016 the topic was privacy and security.
More than 1,000 people have attended previous forums, and speakers include 2 former prime ministers (Helen Clark via videolink from NY and Geoffrey Palmer, as well as Bill English (twice), Michael Cullen, and a range of high profile speakers from a variety of settings.  The next suite of forums is focused on "Good to Great for Wellington,"
The Forum Committee have always been passionate and dedicated to making a difference to Wellington in conjunction with our partner the Victoria University of Wellington. More information at

Tree planting

Primary Contact: Ian Prisk
We plant around 2,500 plants on Mt Victoria each year and we need your help to ramp that up to 10,000 per year. We enjoy tremendous support from the Mt Vic community, who see this as their backyard and are more than willing to pitch in. With a BHAG of planting 100,000 trees by 2021, we need more plants than the Council and Forest and Bird can supply, so we have started growing and collecting our own native plants. In the process, we have discovered quite a community of people and organisations that are growing and planting their own natives. One example is the Paparangi nursery which is supplying seeds and seedlings for the Trees For Survival project, a great initiative which we also promote through Rotary.

Jumbo Tennis

Primary Contact: Helen Hancox
Jumbo Tennis is a fun, quick-fire team based event, playing brief tennis matches with oversized racquets. Since 2009 it has proven to be a fun, practical and lively way for our club to consistently generate significant financial returns. These are then available for charitable purposes. Each year volunteers assist the committee to organise the event. We will utilise your skills in event organising, selling the concept to corporates so they enter teams, umpiring, baking, catering, cleaning up, and lots of other things.

Centennial Committee

Primary Contact: Colleen Singleton
This committee is taking a steering role for the celebrations of our club’s 100th birthday. While we don’t expect a telegram from the Queen; the club was the first in New Zealand so the centennial also marks 100 years of Rotary in New Zealand.  If you are interested in history and/or projects, this could be the committee for you. Historically speaking, we are collecting material for some kind of 100 year publication and also plan on some historic celebrations during the club year, such as a lunch meeting as it would have been in 1921. We intend to renew connections with the many charities where our club played a vital role, for example, Plunket, CCS and Barnados.
We plan on at least one major project to mark the centenary. This project is likely to be in conjunction with the other three founding clubs (Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne) and to be providing assistance of some kind in the Pacific. So if you like international projects, or steering through the complex process of accessing Rotary Foundation money, we could use your talents.

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