Carbon Neutral Working Committee Report

14 March 2019

Thanks to all the Jumbo Tennis volunteers and team competitors’ who responded to our human monkey enumerators about their travel mode to the event. The Jumbo Tennis Carbon Neutral survey had 143 respondents and covered 84 per cent of those who attended. It was a great response.

Coming up next, in early April, will be a Rotary Club of Wellington membership Carbon-Neutral survey along very similar lines to the Jumbo Tennis survey. This is planned to be a computerised survey-monkey for individuals to respond to or alternatively a simple paper based questionnaire for those that would prefer this format.

Overall, these surveys form part of the information to estimate the Club’s overall carbon-footprint. This will let us know where our carbon footprint comes from and will influence our future thinking on this topic. The Committee is well aware we are at the forefront, as knowing our carbon-print there are yet few, if any, similar Clubs or organisations to compare. We have a leadership role in Rotary.

Carbon Neutral Working Committee Report - 14 March 2019

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