It’s an exciting moment for the club as we launch our brand new website today.

Members will notice a difference immediately. The site is wider, brighter and clearer. Above all, we have worked hard to make it easier to use, especially for club members.

There are a number of new features, including a completely private area for members (My Dashboard accessed through the Member Login) where each member has access to personalised information and general club content. A central feature is in ‘Meetings’ (main menu) where each lunch meeting is displayed, along with members’ allocated responsibilities. These responsibilities also show in the My Dashboard area. Plus the site features lots of space for the posting of more current content, such as blogs and articles.

A unique benefit of this Flightdec website can be found in Our Communities (main menu). Here we receive an automatic feed of online content that’s generated in a Wellington community of websites (including our own Rotary Forum) and a separate area showing posts from a cluster of six other local club websites.

Finally, we should all thank Michaela Draper for her work on the development of the new website, and special thanks to Francis Wevers for his long dedication to the previous website. Much of Francis’s work and content has been carried over this site.


Chocks away on the club's new website

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