Rotary Response to COVID-19

RCW Open for Business in the Era of COVID-19

The Rotary Club of Wellington has swiftly moved to virtual meetings,  with input from many  club members, making it a relatively smooth process.  There is information on how to join the virtual meetings here.

President of Rotary Club of Wellington Denise Church notes that over the last few days, she has been talking with many RCW folk about next steps.   She is encouraged and heartened by the many offers of (physically distanced!!) contributions and support.   There is much we can achieve as a club over this time. 

The Board will meet virtually on the evening of Thursday 26 March to discuss and agree a well defined “COVID ERA” operational plan.    This is likely to cover all major aspects of how to sustain and adjust over the coming period.   

In addition to our new live streamed meetings, one of the things already being implemented is a phone tree - where members call to check in with each other, reducing the feeling of isolation and just generally keeping spirits up.  Jane McCann is managing this so please contact her if you would like to be involved. 

Please contact Rebecca Maresca, Denise Church or George Fairbairn if you need support at this time, or if you are able to provide support.  

Read how Rotary International is responding to the impact of the global COVID-19 crisis. RI are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safest and most appropriate actions are taken by and for our members and the communities they serve.

Rotary are continuously assessing the potential impact on Rotary operations, events, and members on an international, national and club level.


Rotary International Response to COVID-19

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