Alex's Adventure

POSTED: 05 APRIL 2017 

In August 2017, Alexandra Hare will embark on an experience of a lifetime, sailing the Atlantic as part of the Clipper Round the World race to raise awareness for children at risk in New Zealand and around the world in partnership with UNICEF.

The 12, 70 foot Clipper yachts, each with 20 crew, 10 on watch and 10 off watch sharing a hammock during each leg of the race, will race 8 legs in total over 11 months - Alexandra is undertaking 2 legs. Watches can be anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, on and off watch. Alexandra’s Legs include Great Britain to South America, expected to take 33 days, and South America to South Africa, a further 20 days.

To prepare for such an enormous physical and mental feat, Alexandra must ensure she is fit, strong and nimble and during 2017 must ensure her sailing competence exponentially increases, having only begun sailing 18 months ago. In order to do this she has taken up boxing, running and yoga, and is required to undertake 4 levels of offshore sailing training in Sydney and in the UK before the race.

As to whether this is scary – Alex says, ‘Yes I am scared, and this fear drives me’.

‘I often get asked why I am doing the race.’

‘A mixture of things….because of the people around me today that have inspired me with their courage, those people I have lost who lived life well, or for those I may met in the future. It’s because it is raising awareness for a great cause giving a voice to the many disadvantaged children of the world, and lastly it’s about testing myself and my resilience at a greater level in order to be a more well-rounded human being’

Follow Alex’s adventure as she raises awareness for UNICEF and fundraises for kit for the event:

• Instagram @alexsailstheatlantic
• Facebook Alex Hare (Sails the Atlantic)
• Give A Little – alexsadventure
• Wellington Boat Show speaking at midday Sat 8th April 



Alex's Adventure

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