2016 Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prizes at Victoria University

In 1999, to celebrate Victoria University’s centenary the Rotary Club of Wellington gave an endowment of $20,000 to the Victoria University Foundation to establish an undergraduate prize in each of the 9 disciplines taught in the Science Faculty of the University.  Below are the winners of the 2016 Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prizes.


 Biology – Danielle Lewthwaite "I’m writing to express my thanks for your donation of the Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize for Biology. It was a great surprise and honour to receive this prize. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, having completed my first year of this degree. In 2017 I will be continuing in this field of study and currently plan to complete a double major in Human Genetics, and Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Your financial support will help me to continue with my studies and the recognition it provides is deeply appreciated. Thank you once again for this award."

Computer Science – Christopher Brown "I have recently completed my first year at university, working towards a double major in Computer Science and Japanese. I have just been notified about my selection for your Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize in Computer Science for 2016. I would like to thank you very much for your generous and unexpected gift. It is my first time receiving a scholarship, and it is encouraging as a student to be appreciated. I look forward to continuing my studies this year, and your gift will help with my expenses. Thanks again for your generosity"

Mathematics – Jacquille Haribhai-Thompson "Thank you very much for your generous monetary prize! As a physics/mathematics double major, I will most likely spend the money on a textbook for one of the courses required for this degree, which will help aid my studies. By being recognised as one of the top students of my areas of study, I really feel like I can go far with these subjects and I feel even more motivated to begin studying this year!Throughout my high school years , I never actually won any mathematics related prizes, so to come to a university like Victoria where so many smart and dedicated scholars study and win this prize feels amazing! I never thought I'd develop such a passion for mathematics as much as I have, and attaining this prize just reinforces that passion even more. It's really nice to see that your organisation not only rewards those like me who put in countless hours of study at Victoria, but also entices us to keep up our hard work."  

Statistics – Harriet Plant "Thank you very much for the generous prize of $200 in the form of the 2016 Statistics prize. I was surprised and excited to receive news that I was a recipient of this prize.This money will help me hugely towards the cost of my textbooks as I head into my second year of studying Statistics, but more importantly, has helped to reinforce my dedication to the subject I love. Statistics is a subject many people look down upon so to be encouraged in my studies means a lot to me. Once again, thank you for your donation as, like for any student, the contribution towards my studies is hugely appreciated."

Geology – Steven Kesler "Thank you for your generous monetary award.  The award of Best First Year Geology Student was unexpected for me.  I worked hard on my coursework throughout the year, to complete this year’s study to the best of my ability.  This award underscores the importance of time dedicated to advancing in my studies in the department. Thank you for recognising student achievement.  This award will enable me to begin the purchase of some of the tools required for a career in geology. Thank you, again, for your generosity and dedication to recognising student achievement within Victoria University, as I continue my studies."

Chemistry – Garima Dobhal  "I am writing to thank you for the kind donation in relation to the Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize. I am extremely grateful for the donation and was very happy to learn that I had received it. I am going to be doing my Masters of Science in Chemistry and this donation will really help in encouraging further studies for me."

Geography – Stuart Caird "I would like to express my thanks to you for providing funding for the First Year Science study scholarships. The awarding of this scholarship came as a pleasant surprise to me and has driven me to continue to work hard in 2017 as I did in 2016. It is great to realise there are people out there in the community that take an active interest in what we do as students at university! Once again, I'd like to say a huge thank you for funding this scholarship that I am honoured to have received."

Physics – Nitay Ben-Shahar "I’d like to thank you very much for awarding me both the Rotary Club Physics Prize and the Rotary Club Mathematics Prize. Having just completed my first year, receiving awards like this is a real encouragement. Two more years of study mean that I still have a lot of work to do and effort to put in, but knowing that I am on the right track is the biggest prize I could ask for. Being a student, financial assistance is of course always greatly appreciated. I am looking to further my studies and have applied to attend an exchange program where I’ll represent Victoria University. A prize from the Rotary Club, which is an internationally recognized organization, is more than a financial help, it adds a great deal to my profile and image at the hosting university and provides evidence for the passion I have for my studies. I would like to thank you once again for your generosity and appreciation that has encouraged and will assist me with my current and future studies."

Psychology – Ella Edgar "Thank you so much for the Psychology Prize! This came totally out of the blue, and is really rewarding after a year of hard work. The prior year I had been struggling with which subjects to pursue at University, so this affirms my choice for me. Not only that, my family and I have just been away on a Christmas holiday to the U.S., so it was an awesome email to arrive home to! I really appreciate the support and encouragement of such a prize, and it is great the Rotary Club is getting behind students."

2016 Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prizes at Victoria University

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