Brew your own Christmas beer

The fellowship committee is arranging a brewing at the Occasional brewer in Adelaide Road, Newtown. The cost is $159 for a team of up to 3 people to brew 40 litres of beer, plus cost for bottles if needed (bottling would be done 2 weeks later) - the beer is ready about 2 weeks after bottling, just in time for the Christmas holidays. TIME TBC Keep Reading


Te Whare Oki Oki: A Community Services Project

Posted on Rotary Club of Wellington. Rotary Club of Wellington


Te Whare Oki Oki: A Community Services Project One of the projects being led by the Community Services Committee  (CSC) of RCW has been called Te Whare oki oki. The purpose is to help homeless people with high and complex needs, such as mental health and alcohol and drug addictions, into secure housing where they can be given support to ... Keep Reading

Wed 26 Sep 2018, 10:58 am



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