Wine Options 2019

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Wine Options is a fun evening where teams answer easy questions about wine! You try some wine and have a great meal and, if you are knowledgeable or lucky, win some prizes. Cost $75.00 Keep Reading

Fri 24 May 2019, 02:42 pm



Big ideas are cool again. The best place to find them is at Wellington: Creating Tomorrow, a forum inspired by Rotary. The Forum has been run for eight years covering a range of topics from privacy and security to lessons for Wellington from the Christchurch earthquakes. The last two years have been focused on developing a blueprint for the... Keep Reading


Bulk uniform grants programme a success

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The JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund is an offshoot of the JR McKenzie Trust that pays specifically for school uniforms, including shoes and, occasionally, glasses. Our club has developed relationships with a few low decile schools and gives them a grant each year to allocate for uniform for needy students.   Keep Reading

Thu 15 Nov 2018, 02:37 pm



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