News - the prince regrets

The Prince regrets

What would have been one of the events of the year for our club(and certainly one of the events of Hewitt Humphrey's Presidency) has unfortunately failed to eventuate.

Several months ago, when the plans for the Royal Visit by HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, was being discussed by the people in charge of such things at Internal Affairs, President to be Hewitt wrote a letter inviting the Duke and Duchess to lunch with the Rotary Club of Wellington when they come to Wellington in November.

It was intended that the lunch also include secondary school leaders and be hopsted by our Honorary Member, Grant Robertson, at the Beehive.

Unfortunately the schedule for tjhe Royakl Visit is too full to allow the Royal couple time to lunch with the founding Rotary Club of New Zealand.

Earlier this week Hewitt received a very polite letter declining our wonderful offer. See the attachment below.

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