News - karen doucas our new honorary secretary

Karen Doucas - our new Honorary Secretary

Karen Doucas is a relatively new member to the club having been introduced by Past President James Austin. On Monday she gave her 5-minute talk.

Karen is married to Theo Doucas who is a former Assistant Commissioner of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand and is currently the Principal of Zone Law, an Intellectual Property Law Firm/.  They have been married for 14 years and have a 10 year old son, Yianni.

Yianni has Greek, Swedish and New Zealand grandparents.

Most of her working life Karen has worked in Marketing and Communications.  While living in Greece for 4 years she was able to take up opportunities to develop her strong passion for food and to cook in another culture.

On her return to New Zealand Karen opened up and ran two very successfull urban cafes which she eventually sold to take up a change in career as a professional fund raiser for eight years - working for Wellington City Mission, Mary Potter Hospice and the Cancer Society.

Currently she is a Committee member of the Central Fundraising Institute and also sits on the Board of the Fundraising Institute of NZ.

Karen said one of the reasons for joining Rotary was to enable her to continue to be involved more regularly in community activities.