News - how about a bit of jelly with your sunshine box

How about a bit of jelly with your Sunshine Box?

Monday, 5 March 2012

In the most creative Sergeant's session for some time club members were entertained, challenged and fed all at the same time on Monday 20 February.

And on top of all that the session raised over $2008 for the Sunshine Box.

Well done Debbie Chin, jams and preserves maker, Standards NZ Chief Executive and full on Rotary club member.

Debbie gave members a few things to think about as she challenged their knowledge of the history of jams, marmalades and other types of preserves - the answer to the question "when were they first invented?" turns out to be the 1500's and Mary Queen of Scots as a cure for scurvy and other illnesses.

79 jars of Debbie's excellent preserves were auctioned off for generous prices (up to $30 a jar) and the proceeds were donated to the Sunshine Box.

Link to Debbies Powerpoint presentation about preserves